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Awesome Toddler Toys

awesome toddler toys

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awesome toddler toys - Nerf Reactor

Nerf Reactor

Nerf Reactor

Need real NERF power? The NERF Reactor has the energy you need to launch a powerful blast of balls! Push the foam balls into the high-tech transparent launcher tube. Take hold of the comfortable grip handle and pull towards you. The foam balls launch out of the Reactor and speed to their target. The sleek design and awesome metallic finish give you an awesome power boost for rockin' NERF competition. Reactor comes with four soft foam balls.

There is something so appealing about blasting foam balls out of a plastic gun. And when the gun looks as cool as this all-plastic Air Tech Ball Blaster from Nerf, the experience is even more gratifying. The Ball Blaster's design is quite simple, and consequently, it's very easy to use. Just push the four foam balls (included) into the launch tube, and you're loaded. When you have a target in sight, grab the front barrel handle and pull it towards you. Only one ball will fire at a time, but with a little practice you should be able to unleash a fierce volley of four foam projectiles in short order. The one we tested was surprisingly accurate and was powerful enough to cross a medium-sized room quickly. The manufacturer explicitly warns against firing the Ball Blaster at other people or animals, but the foam balls are very soft and lightweight and would probably not be fatal if one should be accidentally fired at an annoying sibling or coworker... just kidding, of course. --Chris Burns

89% (8)

Ad for Daisy's Boutique

Ad for Daisy's Boutique

This little guy was a natural!! Sooo sweet and sooo cute! These pictures are for the flier and online invitation to a Trunk Show/Fashion show Daisy's Boutique and I are putting on in June. This is gonna be a HUGE event. All the big wigs of Orlando will be there. We have chosen some awesome ETSY designers to make special clothing for her store and will be featuring the new summer line on the runway. Woohoo!! God is soo good.

What circus?

What circus?

Several times Konrad's toy was more appealing than the actual show, BUT he did really well. He watched the entire show - when he wasn't playing with his toy. He was either staring in silence, pointing and jibber jabbering or even laughing. I'm so glad I took him, it was so much fun and I know he's going to have an even better time next year when he's older.

An awesome memory to have. Konrad's first time at the circus.

awesome toddler toys

awesome toddler toys

Pacific Play Tents Me Too Play Tent

Kids can create their own sacred play space in this colorful Me Too Play Tent. Nylon ties on the front door allow for easy opening and closing. Flame retardant 70 Denier nylon, meets CPAI-84 standards. It includes sturdy shock-corded poles for easy assembly. A durable and long lasting polyethylene floor ensures years of play. There's even a T-style door for easy access. The vibrant blue, red and yellow multi-color design will add a fun touch to any playroom or backyard. Measures 48" x 48" x 42".

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Big boy toys airsoft. Toys r ust.

Big Boy Toys Airsoft

big boy toys airsoft

    boy toys
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I've been thinking and looking at a lot of airsoft, and having experienced much airsoft, I have decided to get my own.
What do you guys think?
(Not pictured BBs, Smart Charger)



Airsoft is an action sport in which the players simulate combat, warfare, or other military scenarios using authentic military tactics and replica weapons.

big boy toys airsoft

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Cheap toys for boys : Hong kong toys and games fair 2011 : John deere kids ride on toys.

Cheap Toys For Boys

cheap toys for boys

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A Boys New Toy

A Boys New Toy

Found this Casio SA-3 from a fleamarket for 1€. It's a toy "synth" (Pulse Code Modulation it says on the panel) and it sounds wonderful and cheap. My cell phone is in the picture to give you some idea how small the thing is.

Some specs: Works with three AA-batteries or a power adapter, 1 headphone/line out mini jack, 25 sound "Tone Bank", 4 drum triggers (hihat, snare, bass and the cheesiest cymball you could imagine) 19 rhythyms and 13 "super accompaniments" (no key changes possible on those) and two demo songs ("Jingle Bells" and "Choral (Beethoven)".

Not bad for an euro.

I think I'm going to sample all the sounds and after that I will do my first circuit bending project.

1970s Plastic 'Lucky Bag' Soldier Toy

1970s Plastic 'Lucky Bag' Soldier Toy

I got this in a Lucky Bag when I was eight years ago - nearly forty years ago, now. I've seen it sold in different sizes and colours, through the years.

A Lucky Bag (if you don't know what one is) was simply a little paper bag - which cost a few pennies - that usually contained a couple of sweets and a cheap little toy - or just the little toy. The bag was always obscured, so you didn't see what you got. The 'toy in the bag' had various names, such as Surprise Bag, Lucky Dip etc. - and it was available for both boys and girls.

cheap toys for boys

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Childrens Outdoor Toys

childrens outdoor toys

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A Souk in Morocco

A Souk in Morocco

In Morocco, and the Arabic speaking world in general, towns and cities are filled with souks, a large outdoor market. For reference, take all the shops in your local mall, and put them into a large network of small streets. For further cultural identification, remove all English words, add a bucket of chaos, and you too can have your own souk!

All sorts of items can be bought and sold in the souk: Raw food (usually covered in flies) to pastries, head scarfs to plastic childrenstoys (like a toy store), fake designer items and random trinkets (like tea pots, floor mops, diapers, etc), and all of this in the middle of the street. Be careful if you are looking specifically for items made in Morocco; some might be stamped with “Made in China.” If you ever visit one, keep in mind you will stand out as a tourist, and you will be approached by vendors. If you get friendly, you might be invited for some excellent mint and honey tea, but you might end up buying some expensive items…

This image is not from a typical souk, but illustrates some of the random items that can be sold out on the street. This one is in Chefchaouen.

Extreme Coaster

Extreme Coaster

It's a great way to have lots of outdoor fun. It's great to see kids learn how to share and take turns. They even like to see who can ride the farthest. It's easy to assemble, and very well made. Should provide tons of fun for many years!

childrens outdoor toys

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Fat Brain Toys Coupon Codes

fat brain toys coupon codes

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brain squirrel

brain squirrel

its offical i do have a squirrel in my brain:)
or a happy looking panda face:)
revise: just to clarify whats actually goin on in this photo, this is my c.t scan, i had it done in febuary, by march i was in hospial awaiting surgery.
the light areas are my grey matter, this should look less dense and you should be able to see lines and defined areas, you should also be able to see a thick black line around the outside of my brain inbetween my grey matter and the skull bone, as there should be a space here for fluid.
also the "happy panda face" as i descried it back in feb, or the large dark patches in the center should be two thin lines, no more than a few mm's across, these are my first and second ventricles, there part of the brains drainage system, moving c.f (ceribral/spinal) fluid out from the brain to the spinal cord. these really should not be this big!!
my problem turned out to be a colliod cyst, a beinign tumour that sat itself in my 3rd ventricle. (the 1st and 2nd ventricles drain into the 3rd) over time as the fluid couldnt drain away, it backed up in my skull, causing massive pressure build up.
thus squeezing my brain and causing my tell tale migranes.

i had surgery to remove my tumour on the 10 march 2008.

Brain Wash

Brain Wash

We had been planning this trip to San Franciso for some time. Every year JavaOne comes to town and every year I work the show. We got both the Frommers and Fodors books for touring San Francisco with kids and made a list of activities. Then one day, Tivo picked up an episode of Rachel Ray in San Franciso. She had a great list of places to eat. One of which was the Brain Wash Cafe and Laundromat.

Since I would be in San Francisco for two weeks, I needed to do laundry at some point, and this sounded perfect. I couldn't give a better review of the place. Great food, high-speed wireless, plenty of laundy machines to go around. What's not to like? I'm not certain we ever made it to any other of Rachel's recommendations, but this one was tops. Quitely frankly better than anything the other guide books recommended.

And, if only for a few minutes, you get to feel like a local.

fat brain toys coupon codes

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