Fat Brain Toys Coupon Codes

fat brain toys coupon codes

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brain squirrel

brain squirrel

its offical i do have a squirrel in my brain:)
or a happy looking panda face:)
revise: just to clarify whats actually goin on in this photo, this is my c.t scan, i had it done in febuary, by march i was in hospial awaiting surgery.
the light areas are my grey matter, this should look less dense and you should be able to see lines and defined areas, you should also be able to see a thick black line around the outside of my brain inbetween my grey matter and the skull bone, as there should be a space here for fluid.
also the "happy panda face" as i descried it back in feb, or the large dark patches in the center should be two thin lines, no more than a few mm's across, these are my first and second ventricles, there part of the brains drainage system, moving c.f (ceribral/spinal) fluid out from the brain to the spinal cord. these really should not be this big!!
my problem turned out to be a colliod cyst, a beinign tumour that sat itself in my 3rd ventricle. (the 1st and 2nd ventricles drain into the 3rd) over time as the fluid couldnt drain away, it backed up in my skull, causing massive pressure build up.
thus squeezing my brain and causing my tell tale migranes.

i had surgery to remove my tumour on the 10 march 2008.

Brain Wash

Brain Wash

We had been planning this trip to San Franciso for some time. Every year JavaOne comes to town and every year I work the show. We got both the Frommers and Fodors books for touring San Francisco with kids and made a list of activities. Then one day, Tivo picked up an episode of Rachel Ray in San Franciso. She had a great list of places to eat. One of which was the Brain Wash Cafe and Laundromat.

Since I would be in San Francisco for two weeks, I needed to do laundry at some point, and this sounded perfect. I couldn't give a better review of the place. Great food, high-speed wireless, plenty of laundy machines to go around. What's not to like? I'm not certain we ever made it to any other of Rachel's recommendations, but this one was tops. Quitely frankly better than anything the other guide books recommended.

And, if only for a few minutes, you get to feel like a local.

fat brain toys coupon codes

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