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Awesome Toddler Toys

awesome toddler toys

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awesome toddler toys - Nerf Reactor

Nerf Reactor

Nerf Reactor

Need real NERF power? The NERF Reactor has the energy you need to launch a powerful blast of balls! Push the foam balls into the high-tech transparent launcher tube. Take hold of the comfortable grip handle and pull towards you. The foam balls launch out of the Reactor and speed to their target. The sleek design and awesome metallic finish give you an awesome power boost for rockin' NERF competition. Reactor comes with four soft foam balls.

There is something so appealing about blasting foam balls out of a plastic gun. And when the gun looks as cool as this all-plastic Air Tech Ball Blaster from Nerf, the experience is even more gratifying. The Ball Blaster's design is quite simple, and consequently, it's very easy to use. Just push the four foam balls (included) into the launch tube, and you're loaded. When you have a target in sight, grab the front barrel handle and pull it towards you. Only one ball will fire at a time, but with a little practice you should be able to unleash a fierce volley of four foam projectiles in short order. The one we tested was surprisingly accurate and was powerful enough to cross a medium-sized room quickly. The manufacturer explicitly warns against firing the Ball Blaster at other people or animals, but the foam balls are very soft and lightweight and would probably not be fatal if one should be accidentally fired at an annoying sibling or coworker... just kidding, of course. --Chris Burns

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Ad for Daisy's Boutique

Ad for Daisy's Boutique

This little guy was a natural!! Sooo sweet and sooo cute! These pictures are for the flier and online invitation to a Trunk Show/Fashion show Daisy's Boutique and I are putting on in June. This is gonna be a HUGE event. All the big wigs of Orlando will be there. We have chosen some awesome ETSY designers to make special clothing for her store and will be featuring the new summer line on the runway. Woohoo!! God is soo good.

What circus?

What circus?

Several times Konrad's toy was more appealing than the actual show, BUT he did really well. He watched the entire show - when he wasn't playing with his toy. He was either staring in silence, pointing and jibber jabbering or even laughing. I'm so glad I took him, it was so much fun and I know he's going to have an even better time next year when he's older.

An awesome memory to have. Konrad's first time at the circus.

awesome toddler toys

awesome toddler toys

Pacific Play Tents Me Too Play Tent

Kids can create their own sacred play space in this colorful Me Too Play Tent. Nylon ties on the front door allow for easy opening and closing. Flame retardant 70 Denier nylon, meets CPAI-84 standards. It includes sturdy shock-corded poles for easy assembly. A durable and long lasting polyethylene floor ensures years of play. There's even a T-style door for easy access. The vibrant blue, red and yellow multi-color design will add a fun touch to any playroom or backyard. Measures 48" x 48" x 42".

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